Room 659 – American Journalism Special Issue Planning Team
                         Women’s Suffrage and the Media

Beasley, Broussard, [Forde], Kitch, Kroeger, [Lumsden],
[Marcellus], Risley, Rhodes,  Steiner

Room 657 – PANEL – The Problem of Propaganda
Socolow, Tworek, Swanberg, Pickard

Room 655 – PAPERS Angled on Women (Hirshon)
Wickham, Mari, Svoboda, Peck, Lamme and Russell
Webb, Finneman

Room 653 – PAPERS Access, Privacy and Freedom/ Minority Rights (King) (abstracts)
Kimball, Slauter, Nechushtai, Greenwald, Smith,
Greene-Blye, Johnson

Room 654 – PAPERSAngled on Black Journalists and Media/ 19th Century (Walck)

Duckett, Bennett, Williams, Hunt, Campbell,
Blue, Murphree

Room 652 – PAPERS – Free Speech, Free Press, Free Information (Lerner)

Hannah, Reddin van Tuyll, Hannah (2), Fondren