The closing panel at the Joint Journalism and Communication History Conference will feature Richard John of Columbia University, Jonathan Silberstein-Loeb, Will Slauter of Université Paris Diderot, Michael Stamm of Michigan State University, and Heidi Tworek of the University of British Columbia in a discussion of their recent book, Making News: The Political Economy of Journalism in Britain and America from the Glorious Revolution to the Internet. (Oxford 2015).


Richard R. John, a professor of history and communications at Columbia University School of Journalism, specializes in the history of business, technology and the state. He co-edited Making News with Jonathan Silberstein-Loeb and contributed an essay to the collection. He is is also the author of Network Nation: Inventing American Telecommunications, and Spreading the News. He and Jonathan Silberstein-Loeb wrote the introduction and epilogue for Making News.


Michael Stamm is associate professor and director of graduate studies in the department of history at Michigan State University.  He is the author of Sound Business: Newspapers, Radio, and the Politics of New Media, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2011 and recently reprinted in paperback in 2016.  Stamm received his PhD in History from the University of Chicago in 2006 and was a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair at McGill University in 2012-13.  He is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on topics in media and journalism history. Professor Stamm’s Making News essay is titled “Broadcasting News in the Interwar Period.”

Tworek headshot.jpg

Heidi Tworek is Assistant Professor in International History at the University of British Columbia. In 2016-17, she is on leave as a fellow at the Transatlantic Academy of the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Washington, DC. She has published widely on the history of news, including in Journalism Studies, German History, and Business History Review. She has co-edited three special issues on the relationship of news to capitalism, standards, and technology in the Journal of Global History, the Journal of Policy History, and History and Technology. Her dissertation, completed at Harvard, received the Herman E. Krooss Prize for best dissertation in business history. She is currently completing a book manuscript about the global history of German news agencies in the twentieth century. Professor Tworek’s essay in Making News is titled “Protecting News Before the Internet.”

unnamed.jpgJonathan Silberstein-Loeb co-edited Making News with Professor John was formerly senior lecturer in history at Keble College, Oxford. He is the author of The International Distribution of News (Cambridge University Press, 2015), a barrister of the Inner Temple, a member of the New York bar, and an associate at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP. He and Professor John co-wrote the introduction and epilogue.

Will Slauter is a professor at Université Paris Diderotwill-slauter , where his research interests include the history of authorship and publishing; history of media; and the history of copyright and public domain. His current project is “Who Owns the News? Journalism and Intellectual Property in Historical Perspective.”