ROOM 652 

JJCHC Authors’ Book Panel discussion

Moderator: Brian Creech, Temple University

Amber Roessner, ed. Political Pioneer of the Press: Ida B. Wells-Barnett and Her Transnational Crusade for Social Justice. Lexington Books, 2018.

Kevin Lerner, Provoking the Press: More Magazine and the Crisis of Confidence in American Journalism. University of Missouri Press, 2019

Reece Peck, Fox Populism: Branding Conservatism as Working Class, Cambridge University Press, 2019

Julien Gorbach, The Notorious Ben Hecht: Iconoclastic Writer and Zionist Militant, Purdue University Press, 2019.


ROOM 653

Pop Culture, Memory, and the (Un)Making of Icons

Moderator: Rob Wells, University of Arkansas

Just Another Kind of Playing Hurt

Ron Bishop, Drexel University

Long Run: How Nick News with Linda Ellerbee stayed on TV for 25 years

Alison Burns

Michael Jackson & Unifying Presence during the 80’s

Melissa Mayer, William Paterson University

“Courtney Did It”: A Historiographical Analysis of News Coverage Frames of Courtney Love Following the Death of Kurt Cobain

Peter Mari, William Paterson University


ROOM 654

Time to Do Things Differently: Normative Development at Moments of Contestation

Moderator: Vanessa Murphree, University of Southern Mississippi

The New York Gazette, the New York Journal and the Birth of the Partisan News Periodicals In Colonial New York

Elliot King, Loyola University Maryland

Reporters Get in the News: The Origins of Independence

Daniel DeFraia, Boston University

Milk (2008) Comes to Town and Harvey Goes to Washington

Heidi Mau, Albright College

Cyberlibertarianism and whiteness: The journalistic confirmation and contestation of a normative vision of Internet freedom

Michael Buozis, Temple University

ROOM 655

Exploring Form and Content: Media Boundary Pushing in Historical Context

Moderator: Melissa Greene-Blye, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

The Technique of Preconscious Film Messaging in New Orleans, 1958

Mary Blue, Tulane University

Usenet and the First Class of Social Media Celebrities

Jin-A Choi, William Paterson University

Journalism is Fiction

Davide Banis, Submarine Channel

Communicating Through Manifestos: How Italian Futurists Talked Amongst Themselves

Gal Beckerman, Columbia University

Well-bred and well-fed: The Science News-Letter’s Coverage of Eugenics from 1924 to 1965

Susan Swanberg, University of Arizona


ROOM 657

Learning Through the Past: How War & Crises Influence Understandings of Democracy

Moderator: Steve Hallock, Point Park University

‘Barbed-wire Entanglements’ and the ‘Tyranny of [Uncritical] Circumstances’: A Reappraisal of Stephen Crane’s Active Service in the Context of Yellow Journalism

Mark Noonan, City University of New York

Media Coverage of The Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979

Hoa Nguyen, University of Maryland

“Trying to Counter-Balance What I Thought Was One-Sided Reporting”: Joseph Alsop’s Efforts to Influence Press Coverage of the Vietnam War in the Johnson Years

Robert Rabe, Marshall University

Reflections of History in Contemporary Press Coverage of Conflict

Alyssa Hurlbut, Marist College