ROOM 657 – PANEL – The Right Wing Echo Chamber 
Bauer, Nadler, Noell, Peck (abstract)

ROOM 655 – PAPERS – Econ, Business, Investigations/ Broadcast and Digital (Finneman)
Fabricatorian, Wells, Carroll, Bishop, Meyers, Lanosga, Woodall  (abstracts)

ROOM 653 – PAPERS – Of Regional Interest/ Objects/ Fake News (Moore)
Quinn, Lee, Hatcher, Creech, Lerner, King (abstracts)

ROOM 654 – PAPERS – Publicity, Images, War, Post-War and Propaganda (Luedeman)
Coyle and McCusker, Spillman, Rabe, Somerstein, Bates, Sorrie, Kramer (abstracts)

ROOM 652 – PAPERS – Sports and Entertainment (Broussard)
Frost, Hirshon and Benaka, Clark, Cieslik-Miskimen (abstracts)